Vampiraz4Life now available for preorder

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It’s been a rough year for Peter Stone.

Vampires are not meant to be quarantined and most of the nation is under lockdown. It has been extra hard in the city of New Detroit that depends on tourism not only for its economy but blood supply. With his creator kidnapped, mother dead, and once more exiled to the fringes of their society–he’s ready to call it quits. That’s when he receives a mysterious message from a long-dead friend who tells him that his problems are just beginning.

A mysterious new player in town wants to recruit Peter to help form a supernatural alliance against the oppressive new voivode and his human hunter allies. Unfortunately, Hell itself has sent an assassin against our antihero and even a new set of allies may not be enough to protect him.

Enjoy Peter’s final exciting adventure!

VampirazForLife cover reveal

I’m pleased to say that Vampiraz4Life (Straight Outta Fangton #3) is now set for release on October 26th, 2021. It is being narrated by Cary Hite and will be hopefully a simultaneous audiobook and ebook release.

It’s been a rough year for Peter Stone.

Vampires are not meant to be quarantined and most of the nation is under lockdown. It has been extra hard in the city of New Detroit that depends on tourism not only for its economy but blood supply. With his creator kidnapped, mother dead, and once more exiled to the fringes of their society–he’s ready to call it quits. That’s when he receives a mysterious message from a long-dead friend who tells him that his problems are just beginning.

A mysterious new player in town wants to recruit Peter to help form a supernatural alliance against the oppressive new voivode and his human hunter allies. Unfortunately, Hell itself has sent an assassin against our antihero and even a new set of allies may not be enough to protect him.
Enjoy Peter’s final exciting adventure!

Vampiraz4Life is now done!

A short announcement for my STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON fans. I have completed VAMPIRAZ4LIFE, the third and final novel of Peter Stone’s adventures. I am very pleased by this one and I have already sent it out to my editor. Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently for this one.

It’s been a rough year for Peter Stone.

Vampires are not meant to be quarantined and most of the nation is under lockdown. It has been extra hard in the city of New Detroit that depends on tourism not only for its economy but blood supply. With his creator kidnapped, mother dead, and once more exiled to the fringes of their society–he’s ready to call it quits. That’s when he receives a mysterious message from a long-dead friend who tells him that his problems are just beginning.

A mysterious new player in town wants to recruit Peter to help form a supernatural alliance against the oppressive new voivode and his human hunter allies.  Unfortunately, Hell itself has sent an assassin against our antihero and even a new set of allies may not be enough to protect him.

Enjoy Peter’s final exciting adventure!

I hope to have it out this October!

July 2021 Writing Update

Hey folks,

Time for an update eon my writing! 


I’m currently about 2/3rds of the way done with DAUGHTER OF THE CYBER DRAGONS and VAMPIRAZ4LIFE that are about 60K done each. I also have a lot done on a couple of other projects and am sketching out my ideas for next year. 

DAUGHTER OF THE CYBER-DRAGONS: Is a spin-off of Agent G starring a woman named Motoko Springs and she’s a cyborg ex-assassin turned Runner (courier) in New Los Angeles who gets hired to seek out and kill someone due to her past. G, Lucita, and a host of other characters become involved as it turns out to be far more complicated than she ever imagined. It’s co-written with Michael Suttkus and people will love it I think as it a lot of AGENT G: ASSASSIN’s energy from a bottom up perspective. I hope to finish it by August and release it by September.

VAMPIRAZ4LIFE: The third and final Peter Stone novel is going to wrap up a lot of his plotlines. Peter has been quarantining himself during the pandemic and feeding only on animal blood as a lot of other vampires are less than pleased about the end of tourist season. The cruel and tyrannical new voivoide of the city also has it out for him. Recruited by a mysterious new vampire to overthrow him, he has to ask what kind of vampire he wants to be and whether it’s time he stopped trying to be good and just started to be dangerous. Again, I’m hoping to finish this by August and release it by September.


These are on the backburner but I have accomplished quite a bit with them anyway:

BRIGHT EYES (Morgan Detective Agency 2#): The sequel to the first novel is about halfway done with it just sort of falling off the radar a bit during the pandemic but I am eager to resume it once I’ve finished Peter’s novel. This will deal with Ashley’s sister Anna and her struggles to deal with the fact she’s not at all well-adjusted to being involved in vampire politics. Oh and there’s slavers operating in New Detroit.

CINDY’S SEVEN (Tales of Supervillainy #1): Cindy is sick and tired of being considered Gary’s sidekick so she’s decided to do the most daring heist in the history of crime by robbing a dragon. Smog the richest dragon in the world with his own casino island and army so she’ll need a tough team of supervillains to help her. Gary can’t help either beacuse she wants this to be her score (logic be damned). Too bad it ends up her team are untrustworthy supervillains after the score themselves! Oh and stop eating the recruits, Mandy!

I also have plans for the next Gary book, Lucifer’s Star’s thrilling conclusion, and adjusting the original Agent G books to have some new chapters. That’s probably off in the future, though.

July-August Book Sale

Hey folks,

It’s coming to the end of July and we’re going to do a sale on three of my book series that I think everyone who wants to expand their collection of my books should take advantage of. You know, if you have such bad taste as to want read more of my works. 


All of them are available for 99c until August 21st!

The Rules of Supervillainy

Gary Karkofsky is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life living in an extraordinary world. Supervillains, heroes, and monsters are a common part of the world he inhabits. Yet, after the death of his hometown’s resident superhero, he gains the amazing gift of the late champion’s magical cloak. Deciding he prefers to be rich rather than good, Gary embarks on a career as Merciless: The Supervillain Without Mercy.

But is he evil enough to be a villain in America’s most crime-ridden city?

Gary soon finds himself surrounded by a host of the worst of Falconcrest City’s toughest criminals. Supported by his long-suffering wife, his ex-girlfriend turned professional henchwoman, and a has-been evil mastermind, Gary may end up being not the hero they want but the villain they need. 

Available here

Agent G: Infiltrator

The International Refugee Society has twenty-six cybernetically enhanced “Letters,” and for the right price, they’ll eliminate anyone. They’ve given up their families and their memories for ten years of service with the promise of a life of luxury awaiting them.

Agent G is one of these “Letters,” but clues to his past are starting to emerge while he’s on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the Society’s most dangerous competitor. In the midst of all the violence, subterfuge, and deceit, he’ll need to keep his wits about him and trust sparingly.

After all if an organization will kill for money, what would they do to keep the truth hidden?

Available here 

Cthulhu Armageddon

CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON is the story of a world 100 years past the rise of the Old Ones which has been reduced to a giant monster-filled desert and pockets of human survivors (along with Deep Ones, ghouls, and other “talking” monsters).

John Henry Booth is a ranger of one of the largest remaining city-states when he’s exiled for his group’s massacre and suspicion he’s “tainted.” Escaping with a doctor who killed her husband, John travels across the Earth’s blasted alien ruins to seek the life of the man who killed his friends.

It’s the one thing he has left.

Available here

Hey folks, 

I am very pleased to announce that the third and final BRIGHT FALLS MYSTERIES novel is now available for purchase in audiobook form! The adventures of Jane Doe have always been close to my heart but I’ve got an especially big love for Arielle Delisle’s take on the character.

From the Best-Selling Author of The Rules of Supervillainy:

Jane Doe has settled into her new role as the Shaman of Bright Falls but that doesn’t pay the bills. With her boyfriend off chasing his evil father, Jane has decided to take up a job as security on the set of horror movies being filmed in her hometown. Unfortunately, the crew have been threatened by an ominous force that quickly sets its sights on Jane herself. 

Complicating matters is that Jane’s past sins are coming back to haunt her with her vengeful cousins still blaming her for the death of their sister. Her complicated relationships with Alex and Lucien are also about to come to a head. Enjoy the final installment of the Bright Falls Mysteries! It’s deerlightful! 

Set in the same universe as Straight Outta Fangton, The Morgan Detective Agency, Red Room Trilogy, and Psycho Killers in Love.

Available here

The Bright Falls Mysteries Saga is now available!

Hey folks,

I’m pleased to say that the BRIGHT FALLS MYSTERIES SAGA is now available. A collection of the three novels detailing the adventures of Jane Doe, shifter detective! Jane is one of my favorite characters and I had a huge amount of fun making I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER, AN AMERICAN WEREDEER IN MICHIGAN, and A NIGHTMARE ON ELK STREET.

Each book follows Jane Doe as she attempts to unravel a deeper layer of the corruption and secrets of her small town as well as its evils. It’ll be a hard road to figure out the truth but, thankfully, she’s game. 

Available here

Writing update for June, 2021

Hey folks,

It’s time again for an update about what exactly I’m currently working on and thought you guys would appreciate an update. We’ve got plenty going on and quite a lot of it good. So, here’s what I have been up to! 

Recently Released 

A Nightmare on Elk Street (Bright Falls Mysteries #3)

The final Jane Doe novel is now available! Jane has been hired by Lucien to serve as security on his latest money laundering scheme: horror movies starring real monsters. Most of which whom have attractive human forms. Unfortunately, someone wants to shut it down and is willing to kill to do it. Oh and its Halloween with the Lord of the Fae wanting to screw with oh deerlightful heroine. 

Available here

Tales of Yog-Sothoth (Tales of Cthulhu #2) 

Tales of Yog-Sothoth is the second anthology I’ve written with Crossroad Press that deals with the Cthulhu Mythos. Tales of Yog-Sothoth contains stories by David Hambling (Harry Stubbs), David J. West (Let Sleeping Gods Lie), David Niall Wilson (Call of Distant Shores), and my own work. It’s a great book and fans of Cthulhu Armageddon will be happy to have another John Henry Booth adventure.

Available here

Predestiny: Dark Fate (Audio Book)

Thomas Machin was kind enough to do the narration for the story of Robbie Stone, a young man living in the beginnings of a cyberpunk future. The corporations are coming close to taking over but they haven’t suceeded yet and he works as a student activist inbetween his studies. Unfortunately, assassins from the future believe he’s going to be much worse and have come to nip that in the bud. Saved by a mysterious white haired girl, Robbie now must wager how much his life is against the horrors he’s going to unleash.

Available here

Book Sales

Cthulhu Armageddon is on sale for 99c on Kindle

Agent G: Infiltrator is on sale for 99c on Kindle 

The Rules of Supervillainy is on sale for 99c on Kindle

Current Projects

Vampiraz4Life (Straight Outta Fangton #3) (55K done)

Cindy’s Seven (Supervillainy Saga #7.5) (50K done)

Brighteyes (Morgan Detective Agency #2) (50K done)

Daughter of the Cyber Dragons (Runners series #1) (Done, Editing)

The Tree of Azathoth (Cthulhu Armageddon #3) (15K done)

Worldbuilding #5: Cthulhu Armageddon

How Cthulhu Armageddon came to be

Cthulhu Armageddon is a special case of world-building because it’s not completely my world. Instead, it is an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmology created in the 1920s until his death in 1937. H.P. Lovecraft was an early believer in “open source” writing and often cross-pollinated with other others as well as encouraged them to use his concepts as well as ideals. Some of his fellow writers in the so-called Lovecraft Circle included Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian) and Robert Bloch (Psycho).

For those unfamiliar with HPL’s writings, essentially the concept is that the world is sitting on top of a bunch of incredibly powerful aliens that have been sleeping since ancient times. These Great Old Ones are the size of Godzilla and possess vast reality-altering powers. There are also numerous offshoot races of humanity that worship them that are each more horrifying than the last, living among humanity in secret or in the dark forgotten corners of the Earth.

Above both are the Other Gods who are the lords of the Dreamlands where everything is possible and they are, at best, casually indifferent, and, at worst, amused with humanity the same way a child might torment an insect. Magic is real but eventually drives users insane and is tied to the terrible forces above. Eventually, the Great Old Ones will awake “when the stars are right” and destroy humanity.

Lovecraft’s work was very imaginative and influential despite not giving him financial success in his time. In simple terms, it was just too darn weird. Many writers from Brian Lumley, J. Michael Straczynski, and Stephen King have found it to be inspirational. Others have found Lovecraft to be troublesome or even offensive due to the fact, in simple terms, dude did not like minorities.

Some writers like myself, Matt Ruff, Ruthanna Emyrs, and Victor Lavalle have even addressed that as we’ve adapted his works. Nevertheless, his works helped inspire everything from movies to television to music to video games. I was introduced to it by the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game.

The ideal for the Cthulhu Armageddon world came from a combination of factors that have competed for attention ever since. The first was the idea as a logical endpoint for Lovecraft’s writings. Eventually, the stars would be right and the world would be destroyed. However, humanity is remarkably good at surviving mass-extinction events and it occured to me there was potential in stories about the remnants of our once proud race struggling to survive in the shadow of literal giants. Sort of Call of Cthulhu meets Fallout: New Vegas if you will.

Even more so, as I wrote out the world, I started to get a sense of a Wild West feel to the place. Perhaps it was the Mad Max and New Vegas influences but hundreds of tiny little communities, lawlessness, tribal communities, and an eternal frontier invoked the idea for me. Thus, Cthulhu Armageddon became the Weirdest Western of them all. Even if it takes place in the Esoteric East.

Themes and Mood

Cthulhu Armageddon is a somewhat existentialist work that follows the fact there is no judgement or morality beyond the principles the protagonists choose to follow themselves. The gods are real but they are amoral and uncaring to the works of man. Life is cheap and arguably pointless since humanity’s civilization has been washed away and extinction is a very real possibility. It is a stark and uncompromising world where the definition of “human” is also changing and what that means. The protagonists must define what provides their life meaning in the very probably few decades that humanity has left and whether it is better to live eternally as a monster or to experience merciful death as a man.


Pre-Earth History

Human history is similar but different. Long before Earth, the universe was created by Azathoth the Blind Idiot God, who was there alongside Yog-Sothoth, and the Other Gods. Incarnations of physics and the universe’s laws, they transcended human understanding or even alien. Mutation and capriciousness created many races across space that evolved, lived, and died. Consciousness, however, created the Dreamlands that spawned ideas of gods.

These gods, called the Elder Gods or Small Gods, were more akin to the races that existed. They were less powerful but less inscrutable than the Other Gods. One of the Other Gods, Nyarlathotep, developed a fascination with these beings and became both their guardian as well as minder. It assumed countless visages across time and space, inspiring many gods and taking their forms.

Many of these races went extinct without issue but a small number developed science and magic to the point that they transcended normal existence to become immortal godlike beings. Nyarlathotep cultivated these quests no matter the morality and a handful of beings became the Great Old Ones. Some were gestalt hive-minds of their entire race and others were powerful individuals in their own right. Cthulhu was allegedly the first of their beings or, at least, among the first and led many to settle on the primordial Earth.

Pre-Human History

Earth was unimportant except for the home of several of these beings but attracted a fair number of alien colonists long before the primordial soup cooled. The Elder Things were the first of these races, dwelling on Earth for a billion years as scientist-kings. They created the protoplasmic shoggoths to serve as their slaves and would, in the twilight of their reign, help “uplift” humanity to replace them when the shoggoths rebelled. Eventually, the Elder Things would retreat under the continent of Antarctica’s surface before leaving the Earth altogether.

Another race that came to inhabit the Earth were the Great Race of Yith that lived during the time of the dinosaurs with vast cities as well as psychic powers. Destroyed by a ravenous infestation called the Flying Polyps, because their name is untranslatable, they psychically projected themselves into the future to escape extinction. It was their intent to possess a nonhuman race after the extinction of humanity, who they learned of via time travel, but this proved impossible given the events of the Rising.

Early Human History

The humans altered by the Elder Things escaped their captivity and interbred with mortals, some of them learning the secrets of Elder Thing technology. Knowledge is corrupting and a source of madness, though, as early humanity would soon learn. Early humans sought out the resting places of the Great Old Ones and attempted to make contact with them using primitive misunderstood magical rites or their Elder Thing bestowed psychic powers.

These poor fools were inevitably mutated, driven mad, or enlightened. From their brief psychic contact, they learned the Great Old Ones were almost omnipotent in power and would eventually emerge from their slumber to reshape the world in their image: an action that would result in humanity’s extinction. This time would be known as “when the stars were right” and created the earliest doomsday cults of the Great Old Ones. Nyarlathotep sent several of his avatars among them to help uplift the resulting doomed race in order to see if they would amount to anything.

Contact with the Great Old Ones resulted in the offshoots of humanity known as the Deep Ones (worshipers of Cthulhu), the Faceless Ones (worshipers of the Other Gods), Serpent Men (worships of Yig-Seth), and ghouls (worshipers of Shub-Nigguarath and Tsathoggua). These offshoots maintained the ability to breed with humans even as they eventually moved to different portions of the Earth or disguised themselves.

Much of the early human history with these offshoots passed into myth and legend with the fall of Atlantis, Acheron, Hyborian Age, and Stygia. Simply put, modern scholars or cultists obfuscated the true history of Earth as legend or mythology. The cultists of the Great Old Ones believing that the end of the world would make them gods beneath the gods rather than exterminate them like any other vermin.

The End of the World (“The Rising”)

Much of human history would be secretly defined by the conflict between cults fighting conflicts over which Great Old One or Outer God was the greatest (as if they would notice or care about such efforts). Much of human religion and science would be defined by half-understood glimpses into the greater universe by psychics or fragments of knowledge.

Perhaps the most complete and authentic book on the subject of the world’s true history would be authored by Abdul Al-Hazred, called the Necronomicon. It would describe the Old Ones, Other Gods, branches of humanity, the End of the World, and many rituals to channel the power of the sleeping beings.

By the 1920s, it was understood by many governments and academic institutions there were secret forces in the world. The greatest center of learning about this subject would be Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts. Humanity believed after several small occult wars in the shadow of “normal” history that it could survive the coming apocalypse or perhaps outlast it.

Humanity was wrong.

When the Great Old Ones rose, humanity was slaughtered en masse by the massive psychic powers of their kind. It not even war as attempts to use weapons of mass destruction were barely noticed by the beings. Worse, the laws of physics and time were broken. The Dreamlands swallowed the universe and not only was the Earth consumed but every galaxy as well as every star. What followed was not the end of humanity but the beginning of a new universe hostile to life as it once was. Humanity has survived 100 years in the shadow of the Great Old Ones. It may not survive much longer.


The Esoteric East (“The New England Wasteland”)

The Esoteric East consists of the North East of the former United States and parts of Southern Canada. It is a vast desert that is crisscrossed with small towns, villages, and the occasional city that has managed to emerge in the Rising’s wake. Most of humanity has been rendered extinct but the survivors are hardy as well as benefiting from the fact that few creatures of the New World actually care about their existence. While the universe is immensely hostile, indifferent, and uncaring to mankind–that applies to other species too.

Technology has roughly reverted to a early Industrial level with a focus on steam, easily repairable weapons, and domesticated creatures. Many of the animals and foods humanity lives on are changed in strange ways but they have been able to subsist on them regardless. Part of this may be that magic is much more powerful as well as prevalent. In a very real way, humanity continues to be able to live because they dream powerfully that they can and that has a tangible affect on the world even in a small way.

Humanity continues its bigotry in some forms, though, as while most humans have gotten past their previous racial bigotries, they now hold distaste toward mutants or those who bear inhuman ancestry. Ironically, the human offshoots are struggling to survive just like humanity and some have made peace with the race they formerly held in disdain. If mankind is to survive the next few generations, it will certainly have to change to become something else.

Religion has been strongly impacted by the cults that were prevalent in the region Pre-Rising and now mix openly with more traditional faiths that have become “weird” now that the apocalypse has occurred. Atheism and agnosticism mix with maltheism as well as polytheism as beings exist who are not gods but might as well be are everywhere. Many psychics and regular humans touch the Old Ones with their dreams now and go mad but it is impossible to tell as it is an insane world.

Sample Communities

New Arkham – A former US Air Force base turned city inhabited by the descendants of soldiers and “pure” humans of various races. They tend to be more technologically advanced than your typical Wastelander community but practice a nonsensical ideology about reclaiming the Earth for regular humans. They also bully and intimidate other communities for resources. They are one of the few places with any actual industrial manufacturing capacities, though.

Dunwych Nation – The descendants of a tourist group that took up residence in the ruins of Dunwich,MA. The Dunwych Nation is an alliance of tribes united by a shared culture and worship of the Other Gods as well as Great Old Ones. They have combined technology, survivalism, and magic to become a hardy but dangerous power in the region. New Arkham and the Dunwych maintain an uneasy rivalry.

Kingsport – One of the largest cities in the region and most prosperous. Kingsport caters to the Dunwych and other communities with trade and vice. It also possesses a still-functioning electrical plant of unknown energy sources. Sadly, Kingsport is also a place where slaves are marketed from by the Deep Ones.

Miskatonic – A community constructed around the libraries of the university that have since been moved to the building’s old steam tunnels. Miskatonic has become, ironically, a cult itself as it works with the Great Race of Yith to seek some way of keeping both their races alive.

New Innsmouth – After Cthulhu failed to recognize the Deep Ones for their faith, a purge of hybrids commenced to rid their race of “impurities.” The survivors included one band of refugees that headed in-land nearby a saltwater lake. They are a decent, albeit fishy, frontier people.

Scrapyard – A fairly typical settlement in the region that is built around an oasis. The locals practice an uncomfortable relationship with a nearby ghoul settlement that provides them resources in exchange for the bodies of their dead.