CT Phipps has a blog, The United Federation of Charles, on which he reviews and shares his thoughts on speculative fiction of all kinds! Please visit today! You can also check out many of his reviews on The Bookie Monster, one of the web’s leading reviewers of independent horror and fantasy fiction.

If you want to follow C.T. Phipps on Twitter, his handle is @Willowhugger and his page is here.

You can follow C.T. Phipps on Facebook here.

Individuals interested in knowing about more of his works with Ragnarok Publications should check out their webpage here or go directly to his author page with them here.

You can visit Amber Cove Publishing here if you wish to learn about the company which publishes The Supervillainy Saga.


2 thoughts on “Contact

    • The Tower of Zhaal will be released in book format and audiobook format both. The fact they aren’t released all at once is a downside of the independent fiction business. However, the book version should be available in a couple of weeks.


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