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13 thoughts on “Contact

    • The Tower of Zhaal will be released in book format and audiobook format both. The fact they aren’t released all at once is a downside of the independent fiction business. However, the book version should be available in a couple of weeks.


    • ESOTERRORISM was originally published by Ragnarok Publications and I broke my relationship with them. It’s currently being re-edited and set for republication by Amber Cove. It should be available sometime in November. The sequel, Eldritch Ops will come out soon after.


  1. Wanted to say i picked up supervillanyon a vacation and loved it. Then read through everything you have written. I really appreciate how often and good you write and release books. Cant wait for eldritch ops. Any word on when itll come out or lucifers nebula? Anyways thanks so much love your work.


    • Lucifer’s Nebula was meant to be released this December but my editor came down with a serious case of the flu then the families. So, it should be released sometime in the first or second week of January instead. As for Eldritch Ops, I’m hoping to get it released not too soon after. It’s actually done but the release schedule has my second Agent G book coming out first.


  2. I was curious is the bad toupee and small hand reference of President Omega was a dig on President Trump. Can’t wait for the book 5 of Supervilliany.


    • Heya, there were a couple of references to President Trump with President Omega but he’s not actually a direct one-to-one character for him. While I’m left leaning in RL, I’m fairly sure Trump isn’t a time traveling space Nazi. Instead, President Omega is an amalgamation of Kang, Handsome Jack, and the Red Skull with a bit of Lex Luthor’s time as President of the United States. Charles Omega is meant to represent the worst of political corruption and authority as well as being a sort of Anti-Gary where someone crazy and overthetop goes wild on the setting.


    • The Tournament of Supervillainy is done and in the hands of Amber Cove Publishing. I’m also done with The Future of Supervillainy. However, it’s taking longer to get out than its meant to have because that’s just how it goes with indie publishing. Hopefully, we’ll get it out sometime late this month or the next. I am sorry it is taking so long, though.


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